We develop, manufacture and market chemicals for different sectors in the industrial market.




Production structure

We have three Production Units. The South Unit is located in Portão (RS) next to the administrative headquarters. The Research & Development and Technical Application laboratories are also in the same location. The Northeast Unit, in Juazeiro (BA) and the Center-West Unit, in Três Lagoas (MS), complete the production structure.

In the production units, there are more than 40 reactors, capable to produce 3 to 5 thousand tons of products monthly and carry out the syntheses of several chemical bases used in our products.

The versatile range of processes, such as polymerization, esterification, neutralization, oxidation-reduction, epoxidation, cationization, sulfitation, sulfation, sulfosuccination, phosphoration, amidation reactions, among others, allows the development of products for several different applications in the different segments in which we operate.





We are committed to promoting sustainability in all its dimensions: economic, environmental and social! That is why the processes that we have developed and the activities we run must be profitable; reduce the environmental impact; but also respecting and valuing our employees.

These commitments are also extended to our customers, as we have developed a series of chemicals that offer the best results in terms of reducing environmental impact, minimizing risks and improving working conditions, providing high efficiency and increasing the quality of the products obtained.

We also participate in “Responsible Care” program, a reference in caring for the environment.









Strict quality criteria have always been part of all we do. This is reflected in everything we provide to our customers, such as the products; the technical services, the commercial attention and logistic resources.

Since 1999 we are ISO 9001 certified. The whole Quality Management System runs in compliance with this regulation. Periodical internal and external audits, constantly verifies and improve our processes, which is a reference of our reliability.

Our quality policy is: “Design, develop and improve products, processes and services, meeting the needs of our external and internal customers, shareholders and the community, respecting environmental protection practices, training employees, participating in and encouraging social actions. GRUPO MK is committed to meeting the necessary requirements and continually improving the efficiency of its Quality Management System.”





We value, relationship! That's why we maintain a strong link with the market through our technical and commercial team. The commitment to our client's success is a fundamental part of our principles and values. It assures the reliability and recognition we have gained.

All our areas do their best to put themselves in the customers’ shoes! It is important to identify our customers’ needs, understand the demands of their market, and fully meet them, through our products and services. Therefore, we always seek to be YOUR BEST CHOICE!