We develop, manufacture and market chemicals for different sectors in the industrial market.





MK QUÍMICA has three Manufacturing Units. The South Unit is located in Portão (RS) together with the administrative headquarter and it is home for the Research & Development and Technical Application laboratories. The Northeast Unit, in Juazeiro (BA), and the Midwest Unit, in Três Lagoas (MS), complete the manufacturing structure, assuring the ready service for companies located in any Brazilian region. All three manufacturing units give room to the synthesis of different chemical bases used in products for many markets. Those are liquid reaction, polymerization, extraction and mixing plant that allow for the development of products applied to different manufacturing processes. This structure can produce more than 4 thousand tons of product a month.





MK QUÍMICA is committed to promoting the sustainability in all its dimensions: economic, environmental and social. Such commitment is complied with through the development of products and processes that allow the company to develop its activities in a profitable way, minimizing the environmental impact of its production, respecting values and people. These commitments also encompass customers, as MK QUÍMICA offers a variety of products and processes that allow its customers to develop their activities in a more sustainable way. Those solutions allow obtaining the best results regarding environmental impact reduction, with the reduction of risks and improvement of the working conditions, providing a high production efficiency and product quality improvement.




Global work, solid history with a sustainable growth.





Strict quality criteria have always been present in all activities of MK QUÍMICA and can be seen both in products and technical and commercial services provided to customers. The Quality Management System is certified since 1999 as per ISO 9001. The whole system undergoes periodical internal and external audits, being constantly verified and enhanced.





A strong relationship with the market is developed through a highly competent team specialized in its functions. The result is the credibility obtained before the market, based in the commitment to the customer’s success. A highly trained commercial and technical assistance team with vast experience looks for the best results for each customer, assuring the best product performance, adjusting the process according to the different raw material and working conditions found in each industry. Relationship is the key for MK QUÍMICA! Working under a customer’s focus philosophy, every department in the company looks for deeply understanding the customer and its market, identifying their needs and seeking to integrally meeting them, through products and services.